3 Bestsellers: 99¢ for 24 hours! (10-27-18)

99¢ for 24 Hours



Now that everybody’s pretty well settled and back to school, I thought it’d be a good time to offer up my 3 bestsellers for ¢99 each. That’s 91% off the cover price!

Each is frequently the #1 book in its category on Amazon.com.

The ¢99 deal is only good for 24 hours, starting at 8AM Pacific Time.

Day 2: $1.99
Day 3: $2.99
Day 4: $3.99
Day 5, October 31 at 11PM Pacific: They all bo back up to the list price of $9.99.

(PS: You don’t need an expensive Kindle reader. I use the free app on my phone.)




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