A Case for Learning by Ear: Young Jazz Wizard Joey Alexander

Joey Alexander is 11 in the video below, and he displays an artistry and control and musicality that few are able to achieve, no matter what their age. In the jazz tradition, he learned by ear, and listening to him talk about who he likes, you know he likes the heavies, and has absorbed them. In…

Stop! Hey, What’s that Sound?

The more musicians I speak to about practice in preparation for the new book, the more I’m reminded how extremely important listening is to one’s music. In fact, there’s some evidence in published research that all this time spent listening gives us musicians more ability to pull sound out of noisy environments (link to study)….

Good In, Good Out: Listening

Sound has an impact on us, a profound one. Whether it’s research showing that musicians can detect pitch difference language better; the discovery by Dana Strait–a friend and musical colleague of mine at Northwestern–that musicians are better at identifying emotion in sound; that trees communicate with sound; or that sound can also affect human development in a negative way as presented by Julian Treasure below in a six minute video.