Frank Zappa’s Black Napkins

Watch the video below this one of Zappa performing Black Napkins on the Mike Douglas talk show in 1976. Incredibly expressive playing and some serious chops. Check out this YouTube playlist for more gems. There is currently a very cool Kickstarter happening that involves access to ALL of the Zappa archive (video below the first video).

Drive By Preachers: Om Johari

Om used a brilliant strategy to help get her guitar chops together, make some money for her efforts, and pass the flame along, too.

Want to know what her guitar chops look/sound like? Here’s a full length video of Om in action, singing and playing on her song Drums, Bass & Guitar:

Losing Your Marbles: Wintergatan’s Wondrous Musical Machine

I don’t have the words to describe how wondrous I found this, but I’ll just show you the sequence of videos and see if you agree. This is a real device, made by the musician, who I believe to be Martin “MacGuyver” Molin, but am still checking on that one. The set of skills he has in the woodshop is amazing all by itself. See the “making of” videos below for more on that.