Learn to Read Music: Video Course 50% OFF

Learn to read music, and get it for less! A new video course based on the best-selling book, Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music, is 50% off. Check out the preview below, or see more details and other free lessons from the course HERE.

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Listening Sideways: The Art of Playing Together

Listening sideways is an essential step in developing a more musical ensemble as it allows students to direct awareness outward and listen to what is happening around them. Here is a simple but essential exercise to help develop the ability of your young musicians to “listen sideways.” Source: Listening Sideways: The Art of Playing Together

The 15 Best Tom Waits Songs

It’s difficult to write a proper introduction to any piece about Tom Waits. If you’re a fan, you’ll already know everything I could say about him. If you’re not, here’s what Wikipedia has to say: “Thomas Alan ‘Tom’ Waits (born December 7, 1949) is an American singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instr Source: The 15 Best Tom Waits…

Cool Ways to Learn More About Music

One area for using Google tools is in music education. Technology can help you create your own music and explore and understand musical concepts that can be difficult to visualize. Follow this link to take a look at many tools from Google, or that work with Google, that can be used for teaching, learning, and…