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Learn to read music, and get it for less! A new video course based on the best-selling book, Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music, is 50% off. Check out the preview below, or see more details and other free lessons from the course HERE.

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How to Practice Improvisation, from Chick Corea

I sure wish I’d heard about Chick Corea’s idea of gradients in practice while conducting research interviews for The Practice of Practice. It’s a little like the fractal nature of goals. Here’s what Mr. Corea had to say about gradients:

Freaky: AI “Pianist” Plays Black MIDI

The future is unevenly distributed. Soon it will be impossible for anyone but an expert to tell what’s human and what’s computer-generated. It can already be difficult or impossible for some to tell the difference. These A.I.-generated piano hands were created by Canadian-based Massive Technologies. Here are some of the latest uncanny valley examples from musicland:…

Is This America?

A beautiful tune by Pat Metheney, Christian McBride, and Antonio Sanchez, from the album Day Trip/Tokyo Day Trip Live