Interview with Stravinsky (1957)

I found this fascinating, not only to hear the Maestro talk of his own process, his early years and influences, but also insights into other composers, like Beethoven.

Hyper-bass Flute

Yeah, I know it’s the sub-contrabass flute, but Hyper-bass sounds cooler.

Joni Mitchell’s First Recording: House of the Rising Sun (1963)

(by Gus Silber) One day in the summer of 1963, a young woman wandered into the recording studio of a radio station in Saskatoon, the largest city in the southern prairie-land province of Saskatchewan, Canada.She wore her hair in a flipped bob, the vogue of the times: the Jackie Kennedy cut.In her hand she carried…

George Benson on Practice

That’s almost exactly what Erin McKeown said in her talk about practice in The Practice of Practice.