How Science Got Sound Reproduction Wrong

One of the best explanations (using science) I’ve read on why analog recodings (vinyl) sound better and more nuanced than digital recordings. It’s a deep dive, and well worth it. In this edition of Tech Turncoat Truths, William Softky asks whether analog LP records are more authentic than digitally compressed sound. Source: Is Vinyl Better…

Håkan Hardenberger: Charlier Etudes

Some of the most beautiful trumpet playing you’re likely to hear. During the interviews for The Practice of Practice, it was a treat and privilege to speak with jazz trumpeter Ingrid Jensen about practice. She’d just returned from Sweden for a trumpet summit, and Mr. Hardenberger (and a lot of other great players) were there,…

How to Listen to Music: 4 Takes

When a master musician (who happens to be deaf) tells you how to listen, pay attention. One of my all-time favorites from Evelyn Glennie (who I’ve posted about before).

Gorgeous Guitar Chord Analyzer/Creator

If you’re into clean design and guitar playing, look no further. Oolimo is both. Three color schemes to choose from and lots of options for chords: enter your own or choose them. One of the coolest features is that Oolimo will list all the other chords that can be used with the same fingering and…

How to Practice Improvisation, from Chick Corea

I sure wish I’d heard about Chick Corea’s idea of gradients in practice while conducting research interviews for The Practice of Practice. It’s a little like the fractal nature of goals. Here’s what Mr. Corea had to say about gradients: