Wynton Marsalis: 12 Rules of Practice

Wynton Marsalis knows how to practice. As a younger man, he was equally at home in front of a symphony orchestra playing the Haydn concerto, or laying down some serious jazz with Art Blakey. Check out his 12 Rules of Practice after the video.

Tricky Sam Nanton: It Don’t Mean a Thing

Check out Tricky Sam Nanton’s solo in the Duke Ellington band. He had a great vocal sound on the trombone that nobody has equalled since. His solo starts at 1:11. A short clip from some of the greatest pop musicians of the 20th century in the US. Info about the tune and some of the musicians below:

A Growly Clarinet: Gypsy-style “Caravan”

The growly clarinet tone in the video is produced by growling in the back of your throat while playing. Great sound! There’s an absolutely wonderful version of Cootie Williams (trumpet) doing this Juan Tizol-penned tune.

Duke Ellington, Cootie Williams, and the Wise Musician

I love Duke Ellington’s music. And last February, after hearing a smoking middle school septet (yes, I wrote that correctly) do a superb version of Duke’s Black and Tan Fantasy, I think it’s safe to say Duke’s music will be a long-lasting legacy.

Here’s a vid, a short bio on the man. The gem comes around 2:40. “Every musician in the world has some limitation. There is no musician in the world who has no limitation…. But, the wise players are those who play what they can master.”