Great Classical Resource! Musaic Intro from Michael Tilson Thomas

Michael Tilson Thomas introduces a new service on Musaic for orchestral musicians and anyone interested in learning more, like what a concertmaster actually does, or videos on trumpet, cello, flute, violin, piano, but not so much on saxophone, as you might expect. You can find players, like Yo-Yo Ma, and some very cool videos of composers pieces like the one for Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. Below is a talk by Thomas that’s pretty entertaining, and might introduce you to a new way to relate to classical music. Check it out:

Chromatik: An Online Music-Learning Resource

Below is the video on playing thirds that Chromatik chose to include on the site, and what’s really cool (you have to click through to see it), is that on Chromatik, the issues I talk about are illustrated with music theory and written notes. Super-cool! Much more useful and informative than my original video, which is great! I love the internet. When information is free, everybody benefits.