Sona Jobarteh: The 60 Minutes Interview

Sona Jobarteh was gracious enough to let me interview her about practic for the book/audiobook The Practice of Practice. I’m so glad she is getting this kind of attention. She deserves it. Check out her website and her music. More info from Sona Jobarteh on the Kora and how to play it here. Her last…

The Essence of Good Practice

This is paradoxically the hardest and yet easiest thing to do in practice. Summed up superbly by Charlie Porter.

How Active Listening Can Help you Play Better: Bob Reynolds

More here from Bob. Follow Bob Reynolds whether you play sax or not. Great stuff over there. In the next video, Bob talks about the importance of context in understanding what you’re hearing. Similar to the Facets Model (Barrett, Veblen) found in chapter 31: Going Mental, in The Practice of Practice.