The Essence of Good Practice

This is paradoxically the hardest and yet easiest thing to do in practice. Summed up superbly by Charlie Porter.

How Active Listening Can Help you Play Better: Bob Reynolds

More here from Bob. Follow Bob Reynolds whether you play sax or not. Great stuff over there. In the next video, Bob talks about the importance of context in understanding what you’re hearing. Similar to the Facets Model (Barrett, Veblen) found in chapter 31: Going Mental, in The Practice of Practice.

Learn Anything Faster?! This Will Blow Your Mind

Interested in the science and the study behind this, go here. And for Huberman’s full podcast on this fascinating study, go here. Huberman says below to do the 10-seconds randomly, but I’ve found that taking that time after half a dozen correct repetitions (or less) works best. I also do it any time whatever I’m…

Coltrane On What Drives an Artist

A wonderful letter from jazz saxophonist John Coltrane to Downbeat Editor Don DeMichael on the force that drives an artist. From the book Letters of Note: Music Hear Coltrane’s words read aloud: The Creative Urge – by Shaun Usher – Letters of Note Here’s an excerpt. Hit the link to read/hear the whole thing. And…