Playing With Yourself: Practice Gadgets

I’m always looking for examples of musicians doing cool things with loops; people like Andrew Bird. A friend turned me on to this video by Mike Love that’s one of the best examples I’ve come across. Especially impressive is the looping that starts around 4:20.

Shel Silverstein & Johnny Cash

About twenty years ago, I found myself in possession of a battered cassette tape, and where it came from I have no idea. Maybe I found it. On it was a crazy man reading wonderful almost limerick-like poetry that was filled with insight. I’d read Silverstein’s books before this and soon realized who had written the poems, but who was this crazy man reading them with such zany passion? It was Shel Silverstein himself I finally discovered, to my unending wonder and delight. If you’ve never heard him recite his own work, check out this appearance with Johnny Cash