Playing With Yourself: Practice Gadgets

Mike Love
Mike Love

I’m always looking for examples of musicians doing cool things with loops; people like Andrew Bird. A friend turned me on to this video by Mike Love that’s one of the best examples I’ve come across. Especially impressive is the looping that starts around 4:20. Looping is a great way to practice lots of musical skills, not least of which is your sense of time: keeping the tempo steady is crucial to a loop you can use; harmonizing with yourself (and others); multi-tasking (check out all the buttons he’s pushing while keeping the music going); and a host of other useful skills.

I use a Boss Loop Station (the RC30) but am saving my pennies for a Boomerang, ever since a friend showed me his. Very cool and supremely useful tool. For other loopers, check these out.

If you want to learn more about gadgets and gear that will help you practice, check out Chapter 33: Go Go Gadget Practice in The Practice of Practice.


Mike Love is a master of the pedals. I’ve cued up the video below to start where you can see his pedal board, only one of which is described, at 2:48. After that he talks a bit about how he got started using pedals and playing solo shows. Check out more about Mike Love on his web site.

Some of Mike Love’s Gear:

Strymon – Bluesky Reverb
Strymon timeline delay pedal
Strymon – El capistan
Maxon – Analog Delay
TC electronic – polytune mini
Electroharmonix – voicebox
Electroharmonix – pog
FS3X Footswitch
Digitech – Jam Man Stereo Looping Pedal
Ernie Ball 6180 VP JR 250K Volume Pedal
Acouswitch IQ DI
Crybaby Wah Pedal


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  1. bucobuco says:

    Did you see this mastery of loop use?

    1. Gonna go check it now. Thanks, man!

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