Colin Oldberg: Principal Trumpet, Hong Kong Phil.

Colin Oldberg
Colin Oldberg, principal trumpet, Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra, Axiom Brass founding member

I have the confidence I’ll eventually get it. It’s something I really had to work on, and still do. 
Colin Oldberg


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Interview: Colin Oldberg, Principal Trumpet, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Colin Oldberg is an excellent player who has played with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and earned a spot on the first YouTube Orchestra and has played Carnegie hall twice. He’s also part of a fantastic brass quintet, Axiom Brass. There’s a link to the full length mp3 of the excerpt from the beginning of the show.

The Axiom Brass Quintet is: Colin Oldberg, trumpet; Dorival Puccini, Jr., trumpet; Matthew Oliphant, horn; Kevin Harrison, tuba; Brett Johnson, trombone.

here’s the mp3 of Wapango, one third of Pacquito D’Rivera’s Three Pieces for Brass Quintet, courtesy of Axiom Brass Quintet.

CSO principal Chris Martin said Axiom Brass has …beauty and fullness of tone, precise intonation, virtuosic technique, expressive dynamic range, and stylistic flexibility. Axiom commands a repertoire ranging from Early Music and Renaissance to the most challenging contemporary compositions of today not to mention a fluency in the jazz idiom that puts most ensembles to shame. I have been consistently moved by their interpretations and inspired by their expressive maturity. …It is rare to find an ensemble possessing such artistic qualities also so devoted to education and outreach in its community, but this quintet is such an ensemble. They have performed over 100 educational concerts throughout the Chicago area as well as a summer brass seminar. Education is not just a side project for these men; it is one of their driving forces and a cornerstone of their mission.

Go check out Axiom on YouTube: excerpts of Carmen With Salsa is a good one.
Here they perform the D’Riveria movement Wapango and Puccini explains part of Axiom’s educational mission and community engagement.

You can buy Axiom’s recordings here.

Thanks, guys!

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