Jazz Guitarist Bobby Broom Talks Practice

Bobby Broom

It was mainly about the music and just wanting to get it right.

~ Bobby Broom ~

Bobby Broom Interview on Practice (mp3)

Bobby Broom is a jazz guitarist you should know about.  He’s a great guy and a fantastic musician, but you don’t need to take my word for it. His latest album with The Deep Blue Organ Trio, Wonderful!, celebrates the music of Stevie Wonder and has been at the top of the jazz charts this fall. Musicians with more street cred than me also like his playing. Bobby Broom has played with several of the grand-masters of jazz: Sonny Rollins, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Kenny Burrell, and a lot of others.

Bobby lives and plays in Chicago and tours nationally and internationally with his groups, including The Deep Blue Organ Trio and The Bobby Broom Trio, and he sometimes appears with other great Chicago musicians like the Pharez Whitted Sextet. You gotta go hear him do his thing live if you get the chance. If you’re in Chicago, you can catch him on Tuesdays at The Green Mill with The Deep Blue Organ Trio. Check out Bobby’s web site for more information on his upcoming shows.

Huge thanks to Bobby for taking the time to chat about practice and allowing his thoughts to be shared. Thanks so much!

Recommended albums:

Interesting/Useful stuff from the Interview:

Here’s Bobby taking a solo in the tune The Way You Look Tonight with the stellar Deep Blue Organ Trio at The Green Mill in Chicago where they play every Tuesday:


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  1. Lots more playing on his recent talk with Marian McPartland on Piano Jazz:


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