Are You Past-, Present-, or Future-Oriented? It Matters.

Philip Zambardo, psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford UniversityI’ve been intrigued by animated talks from the great peeps at RSAnimate. This one is a talk by  Philip Zimbardo called, The Secret Powers of Time. According to over 30 years of research, Zambardo says we have discovered that the way we think about time has a profound impact on our behavior, including the behavior of music practice.

Zambardo mentioned a book that is now in my Amazon cart called The Geography of Time: On Tempo, Culture, and the Pace of Life in which the author, Robert Levine, travels the world doing experiments on people’s conception of time, or the pace of life.

Zambardo talks about some fascinating subjects that have an impact on your motivation to practice. If you live close to the equator, watch out!

Want to learn more about the best ways to practice? Get an e-mail with a discount code when The Practice of Practice is published (June, 2014). To learn more about the book, check out a sample from The Practice of Practice.

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