Lessons from Skateboarder Adam Miller

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is moving from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm.” Here’s that gem of advice as it might look to skateboarder Adam Miller.

Adam Miller posted many shots of his failed attempts to land a trick (it’s both cringe-inducing and hard to look away). After that is a short vid showing the fruits of his persistence and the harnessing of all that “failure” and making it work.

We are creatures of the present moment. All other moments are either memory or speculation, and this makes it difficult to perceive all the work and “failure” that goes into a great performance, whether it’s a musical one, an artist on a skateboard, or a parent raising a child. “Talent” is hard work, attention and circumstance, but hidden from sight.

Also, we can be glad that when we botch something in music, we don’t risk breaking an ankle, or landing crotch-first on a railing.

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