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Getting Loopy: Elijah Aaron covers TLC’s “No Scrubs”

Loop pedals are such a great way to have fun while you practice, no matter what instrument you play. You hone your rhythmic skills, you focus on a short snippet of music at time, you can layer these snippets to your heart’s content, and best of all, you receive immediate feedback. I’ve been using a BOSS RC30, for a few years now, and love it.

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Here’s Elijah Aaron showing us how it’s done right, with a cover of TLC’s No Scrubs. He’s using a lot of cool gear: an udu, a triangle, a djembe-ish drum, hi-hat, fiddle, his voice, and the gear that makes the looping possible, a BOSS RC50 Loop Station (capable of 3 independent loops). Good stuff!


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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the love my friend. Appreciate the support!

    • No problem! Thanks for the music!

    • Forgot to ask. I noticed you’ve got a Korg WAVE drum synth. Do you like it? Would you recommend it? Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

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