The Practice of Practice is Published

The Practice of Practice
The Practice of Practice

The Practice of Practice is now available:

 U.S., U.K.Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and India

277 pages
44 Chapters
Extras (learn more)

E-book edition is also available in:

 CanadaJapanAustralia, & Brazil

Hardcover will be available July 15 (US only).

Talent means nothing when it comes to getting better. Practice is everything. But exactly what is good practice? How does good practice create talent? And what in the world does a pinwheel have to do with practice? The focus of this book is music practice, but these techniques and mindsets can be applied to any skill you want to improve.

Drawn from interviews with world-class musicians, published research, and personal experience, this book covers essential practice strategies and mindsets you won’t find in any other book. You’ll learn the What, Why, When, Where, Who, and especially the How of great music practice. You’ll learn what research tells us about practice, but more importantly, you’ll learn how great musicians in many genres of music think about practice, and you’ll learn the strategies and techniques they use to improve. This book will help you get better faster, whether you play rock, Bach, or any other kind of music.

Whatever instrument you want to play, The Practice of Practice will help you get the most out of your practice. This book will help you become more savvy about getting better. It will also help you be a more informed teacher or a more effective parent of a young learner.

Don’t practice longer, practice smarter.


Back-To-School Specials: Kindle editions only $4.99!

The Practice of Practice
Back-to-school special! Kindle edition only $4.99
Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music, by Jonathan Harnum
Back-to-school special! Kindle edition only $4.99



What’s in the Book

What (6 chapters): Definitions of what music practice is (and isn’t). Also learn about the neural mechanisms of learning and what music practice does to your brain.

Why (5 chapters): Motivation is crucial. Learn ways of keeping the flame lit in this section.

Who (5 chapters): A lot of people (including yourself) will impact your practice. Learn about who they (and you) are, and how they’ll help your practice.

When (6 chapters): This section covers how much, and what times of the day are best for practice, as well as the development of practice skill over time.

Where (5 chapters): Where you practice affects how well you practice. Learn to harness the place of your practice.

How (18 chapters): Three times longer than the next longest section of the book, this section includes information about goals, structuring your practice, as well as specific strategies pros use to get better and effective practice techniques tested by researchers.

BookDiagrams_MailChimpThe Book Also Contains:

 Helpful Visual Aids: A picture is worth a thousand explanations. To the left are just a few of the diagrams, pictures, and illustrations used in the book to make the ideas stick in your head better.

QR Codes and Web Links: Nearly every chapter contains links to carefully selected extra content online, rich content that will extend and reinforce what you’ve learned in each chapter. With a smart phone and a QR code reader, you can access If you’re reading on a Web-connected e-book, you can click on the link and go to the extra online goodies.

Extra Online Content Includes:
        • video/audio of great performances
        • interesting talks
        • interviews on practice
        • great books and recordings
        • helpful practice gadgets
        • many useful practice tools

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        1. Can’t wait to get my copy!!!

          1. Thanks! The paperback is out now; the e-book will be released this week, and the hardcover is coming in July…

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