See the Unseeable: Visualizing Music Has Never Been This Awesome

Nothing about practice in this post, but you can bet it took a lot of practice of all sorts to shoot this very cool video from musician Nigel Stanford. In fact, it took months of preparation, and 2 days of shooting in a Brooklyn warehouse.

Composers use lots of ways to create compositions. Stanford’s use of these physical properties of sound (and frame rates of cameras) to create a piece is fascinating. Check out the “behind the scenes” vids for details on these experiments with sound.You can learn more here. And of course, you can buy the album (Solar Echoes), or just this tune, Cymatics.

Behind the Scenes:

Wondering about these cool ways to visualize sound? Here are some fascinating looks into the practice of getting this video perfect.

Chladni Plate

Speaker Dish

Hose Pipe

Ferro Fluid

Ruben’s Tube

Tesla Coil

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