Playing With a Full Deck: If You’re a Jazz Learner, You NEED This Tool

I’ve been playing jazz for, well, for more decades than I can believe. I’m still practicing, still learning.

When starting out, the Jazz Deck would have blown my mind and given me a jump start like none other because it’s simple and super-easy to use.

Today, it blows my mind because of its ability to pack a ton of information into a simple package with eye-catching design. It’s pure genius. Saw it and ordered one immediately. You can, too. Right here.

Jazz Deck is the mind-child of jazz musician, educator, and trumpeter Brian Switzer. I’ll let him tell you about it. There are lots more useful videos on his site here.


And here’s an example using the cards to solo over the minor 7 chord that opens All the Things You Are:


A side note on practice (pun intended)

The 2nd video is a superb example of how great practicers isolate ONE idea and work it thoroughly. It’s one chord in a 32-bar song form! But guess what? That minor 7 chord shows up all over the place, so even though you’re focused on one microscopic detail, it relates to MUCH more. You can learn about this trait and many more traits of the best practicers in two of my books, Get Better Faster (less words, more images), and The Practice of Practice (more comprehensive for musicians).

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