When Do You Get to STOP Practicing?


Tuba master Rex Martin said, “If you’re not trying to get better, you’re getting worse.” That quest to continue exploring  your instrument, to continue investigating sounds, to continue to bump up against what you can’t do, is a beautiful thing, a quest that can fill a lifetime. And this goes for any practice: spiritual practice, sports, chess, parenting, the challenge of being the human being you want to be.

And the thing is, no matter how good you get, you can continue to improve and deepen your understanding. Embrace the struggle, enjoy the process. The obstacle is the path.

Here’s what that unending practice sounds like from Pat Metheny.


Don’t practice longer, practice smarter. On Amazon,free shipping worldwide at Sol Ut Press, and from your favorite bookstores.

Don’t practice longer, practice smarter. Free shipping worldwide at Sol Ut Press.


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