The Great Udini: Renato Martins

Brazillian percussionist Renato Martins plays the udini, a smaller version of the udu, sometimes known as “water udus” (see the vid below to find out why “water” is in the title).

The udu is one of countless percussion instruments of African origin, and in my opinion, maybe the coolest. But Africa is a BIG place, full of thousands of different cultures and musics. We’re talking Nigeria for the udu, in Western Africa, where there is a lot of rhythmic invention.

You can buy an udu for yourself here. I’m still looking for where to buy an udini….

Check out Renato Martins playing the udini, then an udu solo from the same artist. Cool sounds!

Wonder what an Udu solo from Jason sounds like? You know, the hockey-mask, knife-weilding psycho from Friday the 13th horror flick. Look no further. It’s here. Or check out this udu solo.




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