How to Practice Trumpet: Trumpet How-To 4th Edition Is #1 New Release on Amazon (+free video lessons)

I’m super excited to announce a new edition of Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn. The book is frequently a #1 best-seller in its category, and 2 days after publication it’s the #1 New Release in Trumpets and Cornets on

The book has been completely overhauled, updated with new content, way better graphics and a cleaner design. But the big update is the accompanying web site with free video lessons and lots of extra content. Check it out at

“Every new trumpet should be sold with this book.”    

JR Torres, RI USA

Click the cover for the best price and free shipping.

Packed with information no trumpet player should be without. The style is always friendly and often funny. Its 25 lessons are short, well-paced and enjoyable. It’s like having your own private teacher for a fraction of the cost of lessons.

Take advantage of the Bonus Material, including video lessons, recordings and lots of online content.

The book has 236 pages divided into 4 sections and 25 lessons, each of which is packed with information, from basic to advanced skills. Read the overview chapter and see the table of contents and the rest of the supporting material here.

Whether you’re new to the world of trumpet or an experienced player who needs to bone up on your rusty skills, or whether you need a fun way to teach trumpet, you’ll find this book valuable. Music educators have found this book to be very helpful in their college methods classes and as a practicing teacher.

Learn more below, or read the book overview, check out the other samples, and read reviews of the book.

“This book will be useful to both the beginner and the more experienced player, is an excellent value, and I give it my highest recommendation,
but do so wish that it had been in print 30 years ago!    

David Hutchins: Kent, UK

Here are a few pages from the new edition (note that the forthcoming eBook will be in color, but the print book is in black and white to keep costs down)

Part One


From Lesson 1 – Build the Buzz: The Secrets to Getting a Great Sound (buy)


From Lesson 5 – Play Higher with Proper Tongue Use (buy)


From Lesson 8 – War and Worship: A Brief Trumpet History (buy)


 This book is the most thorough treatment of the various aspects of trumpet playing that I have seen. Very informative and helpful. Even my current teacher, who has played with the Metropolitan Opera (NYC), was impressed.

Don Young, Cranston, NJ USA

Part Two


From Lesson 10 – Tune Like a Pro: Learn How to Make the Horn Play In Tune (buy)


From Lesson 11 – Simple Songs: Great Melodies to Improve Your Reading Skills (buy)


From Lesson 12 – Master the Lip Slur: Improve Your Flexibility (buy)


“This book is not only enjoyable and info-packed it will remain in my music library as a great reference book. I have been buying a lot of trumpet books lately and, thanks to Amazon reviews, have been very fortunate in my selections.

“This one,though, is a standout. One of the threads through a number of the books I have read is that,as in this book, the writer really projects a love for the instrument.”

Stephen T. Terhune, MD USA 

Part 3


From Lesson 16 – Increase Your Range: How to Play Higher (buy)


From Lesson 18 – Mute Mastery: Give Your Sound Shape and Color (buy)


From Lesson 19 – Clean Up Your Axe: Fast Valves and Slick Slides (buy)


“I played trumpet in high school, rock guitar professionally for ten years and studied piano for as long. After reacquainting myself with some CD’s from my youth I was inspired to pick up the trumpet again. Looking for a guide to get me off on the right foot I came across this book. It covers about every topic you can think of concerning the trumpet. It’s an easy enjoyable read packed with trumpet history, instruction, recommended CD listening and much more. He deals with classical music as well as jazz. The examples in the book have mp3 files that can be accessed on the author’s website. I think any level of player can find something of interest in here.”


Part 4


From Lesson 20: Learn the Best Sound Effects: From Vibrato to the Horse Whinny (buy)


From Lesson 22 – Transposing for Trumpeters: Play Orchestra Music, Hymns, and Lead Sheets (buy)


From Lesson 24 – Technology for Trumpeters: Make Practice More Fun and Productive (buy)


“Love the book for the quick and easy ability to teach and reference countless points. I’m a 62 year old beginner and this is
the only Trumpet tutorial that doesn’t put me to sleep.
It has the vibrance of the trumpet itself. 
Thanks also to Amazon for the quick delivery.”

kozmo 18

Index and Extras




Appendix: Keyboard with trumpet notes transposed and exercise tracking form (also available as free PDF at


Back Cover (buy)



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