A Lick a Day: Soundslice Serves it Up!

Learning licks from someone on an instrument different from yours is a great idea, because is exposes limitations of your instrument, but also exposes patterns on your instrument that can be changed or broken, in a good way. Say, learn Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday melodies on your instrument, or check out these short licks from the amazing site, Soundslice, mentioned in The Practice of Practice.

The great thing is that both TAB and standard notation are included, and you can vary the playback speed when you practice. I’ve posted the whole video below, but at Soundslice, there is just one sweet lick pulled to focus on. A new one every weekday. Check it out at https://www.soundslice.com/licks/

Here are a couple examples. If you play a non-harmony instrument like I do (trumpet), how might you “translate” some of these to a single-line melody? Sounds like fun practice to me:


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