Practice Space

It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve had a dedicated practice space, until yesterday. Really, all I need is my horn or a guitar, but with a few extra tools, playing is more fun, I can do more in less time, and I can continue to push my abilities forward.

Current long-term goal is to perform 3 sets of music: singing while playing and looping guitar, and soloing on trumpet, and some foot percussion here and there throughout. Here’s my space:

MyPracticeSpaceMy favorite gear:

  • Boomerang Looper
    • There are lots of loopers out there, great ones (like the Pigtronix SPL), smaller less expensive ones (like the Nux Loop Core), but this Boomerang is a powerhouse. I’m still experimenting. Super fun. During practice, I’ll loop short sections, someties just one chord, while I sing and/or play over it. Fast and easy.
  • Farmer Foot Pedals: 2
    • These are also great fun and super well-made. I have most of the add-ons, and prefer the seed rattle and the Gok-box (my name for it), a red medium-pitch woodblock (made of plastic). I’d love to have a full kit.
  • SM 58 mic. Workhorse. Takes a beating and still works great. Mine has an on/off switch so I can turn it off (and avoid feedback) when I don’t need it. Use it for vocals and harmon-muted trumpet.
  • Boom mic stand. The link goes to one with a counter-weight so it’s less tippy witha  heavy mic in it. Wish I had that one. A boom stand gets the stand out of my space so I can play guitar without dodging a floor-stand.
  • Melodica: My “free” used upright piano (a 1923 Bush & Lane) should be delivered this week. Then I have to tune it and replace some keytops. Until then, the harmonium works great and is WAY cheaper. Consider one if you can’t afford a piano.
  • Lunchbox Acoustic Amp: A tiny little amp with great sound and lots of power. Not something to use in a stadium, but it’s big enough for most spaces. I’ve gigged with it and it works great!
  • Heavy Duty Stand: essential for holding things, even if it’s not music. I’ve got a bunch of wire stands, too. Flimsy, but ultra portable.
  • Bop Pad: Not sure about this yet, but supported the Kickstarter for the project. Still setting it up. Stay tuned.
  • Various other pedals, instruments, percussion, didgeridoos, etc. but the above are my most-used pieces of gear.
  • If you have any questions, please ask…

Remember that all you really need is your horn or instrument, and you don’t even need those to practice singing and percussion/rhythm. Don’t let a lack of gear stop you! In fact, sometimes too much gear gets in the way of good progress. It’s the music that’s important. Here are some guitar pros on why you shouldn’t obsess over gear.

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