Song Exploder: From Yo-Yo Ma to Fleetwood Mac and beyond: artists deconstruct their music.

Song Exploder is one of the best music podcasts out there, IMO, in which musicians take apart their songs, and tell the story of how they were made. The guests are wide-ranging, and their insights are fascinating and valuable to one’s own practice. Go subscribe.

Song Exploder: Host Hrishikesh Hirway lists his 10 favorite episodes

This amazing podcast first came to my attention through John Roderick’s breakdown of his song, The Commander Thinks Aloud by The Long Winters, a moving song about the Columbia Shuttle disaster. Most fascinating was the reverence Roderick had for the drummer, Matt Chamberlain, and how he recorded the 5 drum tracks with one microphone.

Also in that interview is a fascinating take on practice that I hear and see all the time (chapter 2 in The Practice of Practice), especially with pop and folk artists. You don’t want to overpractice, because that will damage the authenticity, the heart, of the music. Interesting idea.

So, I just listened to this Song Exploder episode with Yo-Yo Ma on the Bach Cello Suites, one of my favorite pieces and his recording also a fave. Didn’t know he re-recorded it. Woot! Also, considering a trip back to Chicago to catch his free concert at the Pritzker Pavillion (Millenium Park) on June 20, performing this amazing music.

Source: Song Exploder