How To Play a Piano Montuno over any chord 

I’m not a piano player, but I do play the piano. You should, too. It’s one of the best tools for understanding theory.

So, I’m always looking for something to play on piano that’s easy and fun (and useful, I hope). A band mate suggested I learn montunos, so that’s what I’m doing. Here are some of the better videos I’ve found. Take your time, go slowly.

First one has one of the simplest examples. Start here if you’re a newbie on the piano.

This one is for more advanced players. You’ll probably need a few run-throughs to pick up all the info in this dense, quick video.

This one hits on jazz changes with montunos

And if you prefer to read your piano music, check out these montuno guides:

Montuno Primer

Master Montunos