Oud Playing To Make Your Jaw Drop (also guitar, bass, req, and drums)

English: Joseph Tawadros 2011
Joseph Tawadros and his oud, 2011

All practice and now play is not a good idea. Now and then I like skip any kind of practice advice and feature great musicians and albums you might not have heard of before. Here’s a keeper:

One of my favorite albums in the last year is The Hour of Separation from oud virtuoso Joseph Tawardos. He’s joined by world-class grand-master jazz musicians: John Abercrombie – Guitar; John Patitucci – Double Bass; James Tawadros – Egyptian Percussion; and Special Guest, Jack DeJohnette – Drums.

The album doesn’t feel like a jazz album, it feels like its very own thing: middle-eastern, groove-oriented, and is at times languid and beautiful, at other times driving forward with crazy energy.

The video below is fun to watch not only because of the great playing, but because you get to see part of the process that went into making such a great album. There hasn’t been a month that’s gone by in the last year that I haven’t played this album. It’s that good. Enjoy!


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