Sea Shanties and Rock: The Case for Listening Widely

Do you hold prejudices against certain music? Country, folk, rock, classical, or whatever?

Rest assured that labeling is just a form of marketing. Music is music. You know the good stuff when you hear it. Musicians who have been pigeonholed by marketers and record labels are all of them eclectic in their listening habits.

Charlie Parker (and many others) didn’t like the label “jazz,” because, “It’s just music, man.”

Here’s how a sea chanty influenced The Who…. I encourage you to listen widely and to challenge your stereotypes. Can you listen (all the way through) to some kind of music you “hate?” Try to find something useful within the unagreeable sounds: figure out the key, or the melody, or some other musical component. More importantly, ask yourself why you hate it. Make your case…..

A case for the point of eclecticism: The Who sings part of an a capella sea chanty before rocking out.

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