How to Read Music: Free Course (new lesson published: pitch)


The video course, Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music is FREE as I put it together.

So far there are 11 lessons up, with more every couple of days. Today, the lesson on pitch goes live. I’m still working out the design, production flow, and proofreading, so you might spot errors as I dial everything in. If you see something, say something! And thanks.

Even when the whole course goes live (meaning it’ll cost you $49), you’ll have lifetime free access as a small thanks for checking it out, spotting errors, and spreading the word. Or just enjoying it and learning something. No strings attached (musical pun intended).

Looking for more quality free stuff? Whenever I find something, I put it in the weekly newsletter: 6 Bullet Saturday (sign up and get a free book), and I’ll post the free stuff here, too.


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